Out of the darkness?

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Goodness knows if anyone checks this blog out any more. I certainly haven’t, so why would anyone else? On the assumption that someone somewhere looks in occasionally I can confirm that I’m still alive.

In the three months since I last blogged I fell totally out of love with kodok99, and perhaps life in general. I seemed to spend my life at work and then vegging in front of the television, with precious little time or inclination to do anything else.

The (English) football season finished disappointingly with a play off semi final defeat over two legs with the ever delightful Millwall. No promotion this year, and you begin to wonder whether we’ll ever even be taking the field in the second tier, let alone the Premier League. Hope springs eternal I guess.

I lost two staff at work and because of the credit crunch they weren’t replaced, meaning that I ended up trying to cover their work. Doing 16 hour days and working for hours, unpaid, at the weekend wasn’t doing me any good. I’ve put up with a fair deal of crap in my working career but I’m not getting any younger and don’t have the stamina to do this any more without it taking its toll. I’m suffering from insomnia at the moment, something that I’ve never had to deal with. I could sleep through an earthquake normally so clearly there’s something wrong which I’ve got to get sorted out if I’m not to end up stir crazy!

With all this going on the thought of concentrating on poker wasn’t really very appealing – I’ve always said that I won’t play over my roll and I won’t play tired. At least I’ve kept that promise to myself. I have started playing a bit again though, although whether I’ll ever get to the level I was at before I don’t know. I tried a sit and go today and sitting there with A7s v A4o on the bubble I was delighted to see a 7 flop. Somehow he managed to river a low straight and I remembered just why I stopped playing the stupid bloody game.

Deep down I know I love playing the game, but deep down I also know I can sleep. Convincing the subconscious mind is a whole different card game.

I’ve lost touch with so many people and blogs – all I can say is that I hope that things are going well for you at, and beyond, the tables.


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