Celebrity Toto HK


You may have turned on the television and watched celebrities play Toto HK Some of the celebrities are good while some of the celebrities are not. One of the good celebrity poker players that I have seen is Mena Suvari, star of American Beauty. Mena Suvari is the classic example of a woman that is good at poker. She is able to use her charm when she needs it. She is able to throw men off guard. She is able to take advantage of situations when she has to. She is not all stuck up with her celebrity status when she plays poker. She makes it a point that everyone on the poker table is equal. The only difference between the players is how the game is played. Mena Suvari does a good job at being composed at the poker table and she also knows when to be aggressive.

A celebrity that is also good at poker is Matthew Perry, who starred as Chandler in the hit television series, Friends. Matthew is very good at making faces so he is able to confuse his opponent with what he is thinking. He may have a good hand but make a really weird face. When his opponents look at him, they are simply thrown off guard. They do not have any idea on how to read his cards because he is so good at making faces. He also makes smart remarks and tries to crack jokes from time to time to loosen him self up. Matthew is also one of the guys at the poker table who will be composed but at the same time he will also be tricky to read.

One of the celebrities that also do a good job on the poker table is Neil Patrick Harris, the star of Doogie Howser MD in the eighties. Neil is very good and witty when it comes to playing his hands. He knows exactly when to call and he also knows exactly when not to call. If you are one of the opponents of Neil, you better make sure that …

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Now a เเทงหวยออนไลน์ TV Guide to Give Updates on Televised Poker Programs

TV friendly tournaments have played a big role in promoting poker. Channels such as NBC, ESPN, The Travel Channel to name just a few, have all come up with several shows on poker. Not only in the United States, but the world over, Poker is fast making a focal place for itself, in the sporting arena. The latest addition to the world of poker on television, is the เเทงหวยออนไลน์ TV Guide. It promises to keep the poker junkies updated with all the events and happenings. This website gives listings of all the televised programs not only in the United States but also in England and Sweden. Besides, this it is planning to give the details of television programming in several other countries soon. It is believed that with the poker playing community growing in leaps and bounds this unique site will surely find many seekers. Pokernews.com reports:
It has listings for every hour and day of the week and is sure to satisfy the most rabid poker enthusiasts. According to Poker TV Guide’s director of marketing, Martin Dabrowski, the site will fulfill the needs of users for the moment but can’t promise about the future due to the growing success of combining television and poker.
Small Town Poker Tour’s Marketing and Promotions to be Handled by “The Division”
Small Town Poker Tour (SPT) is the world’s largest amateur poker tour and has selected “The Division” for its marketing and promotion activities. According to Mark Fraclossi, who is the Creator and Executive producer of the tour, “The Division” fitted into their scheme of things aptly. He also said that “The Division” was the top most poker event and marketing firm in today’s times. Jeff Brausch who is the CEO of The Division has a reputation for giving proprietary marketing programs to the top most brands in the world. SPT will be gaining tremendously from “The Division’s” expertise in event marketing. It hopes to become a world class tour, with this new partnership. The daily operations of the tour will be handled by Stephen Connolly. He has more than 25 years of …

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How To Get Some Extra Money Every Month – Brassica

Money is an essential aspect of our regular lives. Ideally, you should pay less than you acquire and intend whatever player money every month. Unfortunately, using assign cards, whatever people pay more than they Brassica attain and this crapper advance to financial problems.
But it is easier than you conceive to revilement a few corners and intend whatever player money every month. Here are whatever cushy tips to help you revilement backwards on those expenses.
First of all, you requirement to stop using your assign cards unless it is for an emergency. And no, a newborn purse is not considered an emergency.
You crapper spend a lot of money on your grocery bill. Use coupons and class at stores that offer double or even manifold coupon deals. Whenever possible, buy items in bulk. Eliminate the purchase of all junk food and pre-packaged meals. Although it is more instance consuming to attain meals from scratch, it is much healthier for you and your family and it is significantly less expensive. This crapper spend you $100 apiece month.
Consider carpooling. With the toll rising daily, there are extremity to others in your workplace that would be fascinated in action money on gas. Post a traveller in your locate of business business the fact that you are fascinated in carpooling. This could revilement your gasoline expenses in half. And with the toll of gas, it could be a substantial amount.
Do you buy coffee, candy or snacks every period patch at work? By eliminating these expenses or selection them backwards to erst a week, you crapper easily spend $50 a month.
Try bringing your lunch to impact and arrange a lunch for the children. This one change crapper termination in fund of $150 or more.
When was the terminal instance you were at your topical library? The services offered there are completely free; take advantage of them! In addition to best commerce novels, most libraries now offer DVD’s, magazines, and children’s books. Becoming a regular library patron crapper spend you a clean amount of money.
By mass just a few of the tips …

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The Ups and sbobet Downs

Despite talk from Heather and Otis that I’d eventually have to change gears, all agreed now wasn’t the time. I still waited for cards, looked for opportunities to attack medium stacks, and bided my time. I had gotten myself up to roughly 14000T and I was feeling good.
When I looked down at sbobet in early position, I made one of my loosest plays, and raised to 3xBB. I suppose I hadn’t played many hands, and, frankly, I was rarely getting called. This time I did, by the BB.
The flop came down AKx. My opponent bet just 600T, less than a third of the pot. It seemed to be a pretty good sign of weakness, so I raised it up to 1500T. He called.
The turn was a Q giving me two pair. He lead out again with 600T and this time I raised to 2000T. He called again. The river was a blank, and, yet again, I was faced with a 600T bet. Heather’s advice to just call didn’t come soon enough, because I raised to 3000T and got called by AQ. I figured the guy for an A, but I didn’t put him on two pair. In fact, the way the guy had been playing, I barely gave him credit for an A.
The call was clearly the better play there. The guy was only going to call my raise if he could beat me. The raise was not likely to make me any more money. It was a 3000T lesson. Here was apparently some chat between Otis and Heather:
Otis: What did CJ put him on? AJ?
Heather: No, he put him on STUPID.
That about sums it up. Later the same guy took a shot at a pot with 84o, and sucked out on AK. The guy was not very good, but I still lost a big part of my stack to him.
Sitting at just 8435T I was now back below average. Not a place I like to be. That’s when I looked down at a couple of handsome Cowboys. A player in early …

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What is sbobet winning?

I stood in the hallway, a backpack over my shoulder, and an ancient feeling of anxiety tied up in my gut. This was not my battlefield. This place belonged to someone else. By some quirk of fate, I’d slipped in. Maybe the real competitors needed a practice team, I thought.
The hallways were teeming with wide-eyed live sbobet poker virgins and girthy veteran gamblers. A half-eaten breakfast sat in my stomach and tried to work its way around my anxiety. I looked across the tournament area and saw a little number two hanging over a table in the back corner.
Just then, my brother and CJ walked pin-up up and asked a question I wasn’t expecting.
“Is it Sweet Tarts or Spree?”
I always wanted to be an athlete. In kindergarten I kicked a ball around a soccer idman Azərbaycan field. In first grade I got hit by slow fast balls as I tried to play catcher. By my late grade school years, I was missing baskets and running up and down the court in my Bearcats uniform. By sixth grade I was strapping on pads and playing football. It became my game of choice, though never a game at which I was very proficient. Somewhere along the way I earned the nickname “Teflon Hands.” Still, I practiced hard and in the early years got some playing time.
My freshman year in high school, the team traveled to Ozark and I got put in the game. We drove the length of the field. When we hit the five yard line, the coach called a passing play, a curl pattern that I had practiced and practiced during the hot Missouri summer. When Danny Enos screamed “Hut!” I bolted into the end zone, curled around, and found the ball two feet in front of me. Instinct took over and my body somehow absorbed the ball. It was my first and last touchdown. I looked into the stands and saw my dad. His hands were in the air, his mouth open in a scream of pride like I’d never seen. It was …

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toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-20-Results

Yesterday evening saw the conclusion of one of the most important events in this years WCOOP calendar. The $1000 + $15 No Limit Hold ‘em tournament, otherwise known as Event #20, holds the honor of having the biggest guaranteed prize pool outside of the main event. A fantastic $3,000,000 was added in advance of any buy-in money, meaning that the finest of the finest of the poker stars crop were out in force to compete for a prestigious WCOOP bracelet.
As you might expect, among this stellar field were a cavalcade of Team toto hk Pros. Barry Greenstein, in particular, showing laudable dedication to the cause – competing in the Event #20 despite having completed his 9th place run in the H.O.R.S.E tournament just that morning. Other pros who turned out to accompany him included: Chris Moneymaker, Dario Minieri, Bertrand “ElkY” Gosspellier, Greg Raymer, Humberto Brenes, Joe Hachem, John Duthie, and Vanessa Rousso.
These recognizable names contributed to a final tally of 3,467 players, meaning that the prize pool came in at a massive $3,467,000. All the players were given plenty of time to work their magic, with deep stacks starting at 15,000, relative to the blinds of only 25/50 in level one. The tournament was scheduled to run over two days.
Despite arriving in force there were only two Team PokerStars members left in the running once Day 1 had come to an end. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Humberto Brene were left to fly the flag for their fallen professional compatriots. ElkY’s progress in particular is commendable, given that in the previous event (#19), the $25,000 High-Roller Heads-Up No Limit Hold em’ tournament, he finished in second place.
His good form looked to be continuing after he doubled up early, A-A against Q-Q, and with half of the day 2 field eliminated both pros were still in the hunt. Although Brenes days looked to be numbered when his A-K rain into the K-K of the unpronounceably named VuaXi`Tô, a lone bullet on the flop saved him from elimination. Lady Luck, however, would not shine on Humberto another time. Again …

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DOJ Claims Full Tilt Was Ponzi Scheme: Lederer, Ferguson, Bitar Face Charges

Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, on Tuesday, called Full Tilt Poker “a massive Ponzi scheme against its own players.” The Department of Justice is now amending the legal papers of Black Friday to include new charges specifically targeting Full Tilt Poker and its owners.
This amendment charges three new defendants with money laundering: Full Tilt Poker board members, Howard Lederer, Jesus Ferguson, Rafael Furst, along with the previously charged, CEO Ray Bitar. It’s unclear if jail time could be in their future, but if convicted of money laundering, these four owners of Full Tilt, and possibly others, will be forced to personally pay out penalties ranging from $12M to $42M.
In this new amendment, the Department of Justice claims “Full Tilt Poker used player funds, among other things, to maintain a steady flow of payment to its owners, totally more than $443 Million over the last four years, despite the fact that Full Tilt Poker did not have sufficient funds to repay its players.”
According to the DOJ, by March 31 Full Tilt Poker owed $390 million to poker players around the world, including $150 million to Full Tilt players in the United States, but only had $60 Million in their bank accounts. According to these charges, crypto gambling not only were player funds not safe, but over 85% of player funds were spent on operating expenses or paid out to the owners in the form of exorbitant monthly paychecks. If these allegations are true, then Full Tilt has nowhere near enough to pay out its players who deposited money online and have been unable to make withdrawals since April 2011.
US attorney Preet Bharara came down hard on Full Tilt Poker Tuesday. Bharara said, “Full Tilt insiders lined their own pockets with funds picked from the pockets of their most loyal customers while blithely lying to both players and the public alike about the safety and security of the money deposited.”
The Department of Justice also claims that Full Tilt repeatedly misrepresented themselves to customers, and that their claims of keeping money safe were blatant lies. As as an …

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Aussie Millions Preliminary Events Continue

The jewel in the Australian poker crown, the Aussie Millions, continues to roll down under. The end of the week saw the build up to the exciting $100k Challenge and the start of the main event, there were plenty of other lucrative preliminary events to be played and won. All of these were hotly contested, with thousands of dollars and a 2010 Aussie Millions togel  Poker Championship ring up for grabs. Last week also saw the emergence on the live scene of a young Australian pro who is looking good for a bumper 2010.

Event #5 was a $1,650 AUD No Limit Hold ‘em tournament with bounties, one of a few tournaments at the 2010 Aussie Million Poker Championship to feature a very strange structure. Bounty or knockout tournaments are not uncommon, usually featuring a few famous players with money in their heads or a portion of the buy-in sliced off and placed as a bounty on every single player. In Event #5, things were done a little differently. There was one randomly assigned bounty per table with $1000 AUD available to anyone who could eliminate him or her. In addition, although the tournament begun as a standard MTT freezeout, once there are 32 players remaining it switched to a shootout format.

The player who managed to most successfully negotiate all the madness was Australian Jonathan Karamalikis. The player known as xMONSTERxDONGx online is one of the country’s finest young talents, who appears to be making something of a name for himself at this year’s Aussie Millions. To clinch the title, he played heads up against Steve Friedlander. In the final hand of a brief one-on-one contest, the flop fell 5-J-7 and Karamalikis check raised his opponent to 175,000. Steve Friedlander wasted no time pushing all in, but was aghast to see his opponent call and flip over J-9 for top pair, dominating his own 9-7 middle pair. The final two cards missed both players and confirmed Jonathan “The Dong” Katamalikis as the $80,025 AUD Event #5 winner.

Event #6 marked the first appearance of the hallowed H.O.R.S.E. format, generally …

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togel hongkong hari ini Strategy: Hard 17-21

At long last, we are at the conclusion of my step-by-step strategy guide for hard hands. The right decisions to make in these situations is contingent on the odds. Certain cards are more likely to be dealt than others and you also have to play the percentages for what card the dealer has in the hole and what cards he will be dealt. To make things easier, math wizards who are a lot smarter than you or me have come up with the answers a long time ago. It’s called togel hongkong hari ini basic strategy and a chart of it can be found here. Memorizing that strategy will go a long way toward lowering the house edge and will cause you to win a lot more money (or lose less). Here is what to do when you have a hard 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21.


The strategy for these hands is simple. Stand. Always. No matter what the dealer has. Got it? Good.


First, let’s look at the obvious. A hard 17-21 is a good hand. There are only a few hands that can beat you. However, because your hand is so high, if you were to hit you would have a good chance at busting. Take a hard 17 for instance. There are only four cards that can help your hand if you hit: an ace, a two, a three or a four. If you receive any other card when hitting, you will bust and lose the hand. Not only that, but the card you are statistically the most likely to be dealt (a 10) is one of the cards that would bust you.


For that reason, it is best to stand on a hard 17. In doing so, you’re basically hoping that the dealer will bust. That is because a dealer will draw to a 17, so they will never stand on any hand lower than yours. If you have a hard 17, you need the dealer to bust (or you can have a push if you both have 17). Your odds are …

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Review of Beyond Counting

There are several well known ways a player can gamble in a casino with a positive expectation. Certainly, Blackjack card counting, skilled Poker play, some full pay Video Poker, and sports betting are the most familiar. Others may know about more esoteric methods like Blackjack shuffle tracking, Roulette wheel clocking, and advantageous slot play. There are even those who go further, looking for house mistakes in calculating payoffs in games like Keno or Sic Bo. In Beyond Counting, James Grosjean pursues this topic further than anyone I have yet encountered, looking for edges in such strongly negative expectation games as the Big Six Wheel and Three Card Poker, as well as classical games like Blackjack and Craps.

After various introductions to the author and the book, we told about the strange hierarchy of casino advantage players. Grosjean tells us how the Blackjack basic strategy player won’t understand what a card counter is doing, how a card counter won’t see how a shuffle tracker is playing an advantage, and a shuffle tracker won’t understand many of the actions of a hole card player. We come to understand the casino as a series of layers of potentially strange behavior. Who is doing what, and why?

Grosjean then performs some interesting mathematical analysis surrounding card counting. Some of his exercises aren’t likely to be directly useful to the advantage player, but many of them are. His information will be at least somewhat useful to the non-mathematical readers, but those that are not math-adverse will get much more from Beyond Counting than those who are. The math is well explained, so that these examples, even when they are used to calculate something that may not be important, are good patterns for the reader to follow when they want to perform their own calculations.

Grosjean analyzes the math of partner play, discusses casino dealers, cheaters, and spotters. Some of this has been written on before, but much was new to me, at least. Grosjean goes into depth on some of these topics in a way that I believe is new to the literature. Some of …

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