Threat of NY gambling expansion chills Atlantic City casinos and in Sg Online Casino



ATLANTIC CITY — First, it was casinos in Connecticut. Then it was slot machines at Delaware racetracks. Now, more bad luck for Atlantic City: new Indian casinos in neighboring New York state.


New York lawmakers approved a plan Thursday to build up to six new Indian casinos, sending shudders down the spines of casino officials in Atlantic City.


Experts say more New York casinos will inevitably cut into Atlantic City’s “feeder markets” in northern New Jersey and New York City, dealing a blow to Boardwalk casinos.


“This is a wake-up call,” said Alfred J. Luciani, president of the Sands Hotel & Casino, which draws 40 percent of its business from those areas. “There’s no question: This will be formidable opposition”


Donald J. Trump was more blunt. Trump, who owns three Atlantic City casinos, said Atlantic City would need tax breaks or other public aid to remain viable as a casino destination.


Desperate to offset an anticipated $9 billion in state losses stemming from the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center, New York state leaders said they would allow three new casinos to be built in the Catskills and three in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area.


They hope to raise $1 billion within three years from the measure, which includes video lottery terminals at five racetracks and the state’s inclusion on the Powerball lottery game.


New York currently has two Indian casinos — one near Utica and one near the U.S. Canadian border.


With new competition in the Catskills, Atlantic City casinos could suffer a 20 to 25 percent decline in gross operating profits, according to a Bear Stearns report issued this week.


Lehman Bros. casino analyst Joyce Minor says Atlantic City stands to lose business, but she said its 12 casinos have proved remarkably resilient to new competition before.


“While we believe that Atlantic City will no doubt be impacted by Sg Online Casino in New York state, several offsetting factors make us believe that the impact may not be as great as we would initially expect,” …

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Pengeluaran SGP

MGM Mirage Makes Bold Move: Applies for Online Casino License Offshore

As Nevada regulators begin a long process of deciding whether to license online casinos, one of the state’s largest gaming companies has taken a bold step. MGM Mirage has applied for a license to operate an online casino from an offshore location.


The application was submitted last month to the Isle of Man, a 227-square-mile island in the middle of the Irish Sea. The country of 75,000 people recently legalized online gambling and will soon select three companies to award its first Internet casino Pengeluaran SGP  licenses.


A British newspaper, the Financial Times, reported Friday that MGM Mirage is a favorite to win one of the licenses. The paper said the Isle of Man has received 11 applications, and will issue three licenses in September.


Alan Feldman, the spokesman for MGM Mirage, confirmed Friday evening that his company is one of the applicants. The Isle of Man has not disclosed the names of the applicants, but Feldman said, “We are under the impression that several major American companies have applied.”


Feldman said the Financial Times story was “aggressive in its sense of a timetable” in stating that MGM Mirage “is close to setting up an online casino in the Isle of Man.” After licenses are awarded, he said, the actual implementation of online gambling will be discussed with government officials.


“This is still a ways off,” Feldman told RGT Online, “I would think several months at the very very least.”


In a July 11 story, the Las Vegas Sun quoted Jim Murren, president of MGM Mirage, as saying that the company was examining jurisdictions around the world that allow Internet gambling, looking for a venue with tough regulatory standards.


Feldman said Friday, “We have taken a good look at the proposals in Macau, England, Monte Carlo and of course we stay very close to what’s going on in Australia.” But no other applications, besides the one in the Isle of Man, are pending, he said.


U.S. casino operators who establish online casinos, even in jurisdictions where they are clearly legal, run the …

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judi online 24 jam

Memahami Slot Online dan Berbagai Jenis Permainan Judi Slot Online

Mesin slot mekanis pertama mulai muncul pada tahun 1894/5, dengan mesin slot Liberty Bell, yang ditemukan oleh Charles Fey. Selama tahun-tahun berikutnya mereka berkembang biak di seluruh Amerika Serikat, menjadi pokok di kasino darat bersama dengan permainan kartu dan meja yang lebih tradisional. Baru-baru ini, mereka menikmati kebangkitan dan merupakan permainan paling populer yang dapat ditemukan di kasino online.

Bagaimana cara kerja mesin slot?

Cara kerja mesin slot mekanis dan permainan slot online sangat mirip. Komponen dasarnya sama. Mesin slot memiliki tombol atau tuas yang dapat digunakan pemain untuk mengaktifkan putaran gulungan. Permainan slot memiliki setidaknya tiga gulungan dan satu garis pembayaran. Mereka dapat mencapai hingga tujuh gulungan dan beberapa jalur pembayaran. Gulungan adalah kolom vertikal yang berputar saat permainan dimainkan. Dan pilihlah situs judi online 24 jam yang akan menemani anda bermain di setiap saat seperti di situs palace303.

Garis pembayaran mewakili garis horizontal tempat kombinasi simbol mendarat. Tujuan utamanya adalah untuk menyusun simbol atau ikon serupa di garis pembayaran yang mengarah ke pembayaran. Simbol-simbol yang berbeda memiliki nilai-nilai alternatif sehingga setiap simbol dapat memiliki bayaran yang berbeda satu sama lain. Simbol khas yang ditemukan pada slot awal meliputi; Bells, Bars, Sevens, Fruits dan sejenisnya.

Slot biasanya berisi simbol bernilai tinggi, dan simbol bernilai lebih rendah. Yang terakhir muncul di baris pembayaran lebih sering, namun membayar lebih sederhana. Pembayaran dapat berkisar dari beberapa sen, hingga beberapa juta dolar. Ada beberapa jenis permainan slot, dengan aturan dan pembayaran berbeda. Slot online memiliki lebih banyak variasi permainan, banyak di antaranya bertema petualangan, slot video 3D dengan kualitas sinematik dan desain yang menakjubkan.

Slot 3-gulungan yang lebih tradisional tampil indah secara online, dan slot jackpot progresif memiliki pot yang terus mengembang selama tidak diklaim. Ada juga slot jackpot tetap, dengan pembayaran yang telah ditentukan diperoleh dengan mendaratkan simbol permainan tertentu.

Tips dan Trik

Sifat slot adalah acak. Tidak ada metode pasti untuk menjamin kemenangan. Namun demikian, beberapa tip dasar dapat meningkatkan peluang menang. Membaca aturan dan memahami kontrol itu penting. Pemain juga harus membiasakan diri dengan simbol permainan, nilainya, kombinasi kemenangan, dan batas taruhan maksimum / minimum. Ide bagus lainnya adalah menetapkan

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The organizers of Classic Gaming Expo have announced the dates of the 2001 show to take place at Jackie Gaughan’s Plaza Hotel. On Saturday, August 11, and Sunday, August 12, the computer and gaming industry’s most innovative pioneers will gather in Las Vegas to attend Classic Gaming Expo 2001. Dubbed CGE2K1, the fourth annual event is inspired by a strong, continued commitment to classic game updates and re-releases by such major publishers as Infogrames, Midway, Namco, Activision, Konami, Capcom, and others.


The organizers of Classic Gaming Expo have announced the dates of the 2001 show to take place at Jackie Gaughan’s Plaza Hotel. On Saturday, August 11, and Sunday, August 12, the computer and gaming industry’s most innovative pioneers will gather in Las Vegas to attend Classic Gaming Expo 2001. Dubbed CGE2K1, the fourth annual event is inspired by a strong, continued commitment to classic game updates and re-releases by such major publishers as Infogrames, Midway, Namco, Activision, Konami, Capcom, and others.


Heading up this years line-up of industry pioneers is none other than the “Father of Videogames” himself, Ralph Baer. “Mr. Baer has been a mainstay of Classic Gaming Expo with his unwavering support. His foresight and innovation are what started the videogame revolution and he’s always willing to share those experiences with our guests,” said Sean Kelly, co-promoter of Classic Gaming Expo.


Last year, Baer allowed audience members to play with his prototype “Brown Box” which eventually became the Magnavox Odyssey – the first home videogame system ever. In addition to the Odyssey, Baer was the mastermind behind the Coleco Telstar Arcade, Milton Bradley’s Simon, and the Coleco Kid Vid peripheral for the Atari 2600. Mr. Baer has created many other products and currently has over 150 patents in his name worldwide.


“It’s an honor to participate in an event that recognizes the pioneers of the videogame industry,” said Mr. Baer. “Classic Gaming Expo offers me an opportunity to meet with some of my old friends as well as hundreds of videogame enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my experiences and to …

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Getting the Slot Best of It

Over the last two decades, David Sklansky has been one of the most prolific as well as one of the most engaging gambling writers. During this time, little in the gambling world has escaped his attention. Nowhere is this more evident than in Getting the Best of It. In this book Sklansky covers an exceptionally broad range of gambling topics including, but by no means limited to, poker, blackjack, horse racing, and even keno.


Sklansky’s first section covers mathematics. Most of these topics are pretty elementary, but if the reader doesn’t understand them, they’ll have a hard time making any money gambling. As Sklansky point out, even the math adverse would be well advised to expend the energy to understand the essays in this section. Two of the essays are likely to be of interest even to someone who already understands basic probability theory. One of these essays covers Bayes’ Theorem, the other is titled “An Interesting Dice Proposition”.


In the next section, Sklansky covers what most folks would consider his forte, the game of poker. In my opinion, this set of 12 essays represents some of the best brief ideas ever written about the game. I don’t agree with absolutely every detail Sklansky writes about here, but every essay contains at least one, and usually more than one, engaging thought. In my opinion, these essays are excellent in promoting “thinking practice” among readers. If one uses these essays as examples of how a player can think about situations they encounter, I would all but guarantee that this would bring about significant improvement in one’s play.


Section three covers blackjack. Again, I mostly agree with everything Sklansky has to say. At this point, most, but not all, of these topics have been discussed in other sources in the gambling literature, but that doesn’t mean that this information isn’t worthwhile. Of the six sections in this book, the one on blackjack is probably weakest, but I still found it worthwhile. Section four covers other casino games, including the only significant analysis of “crapless craps” I can recall seeing …

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Sbobet Indonesia

If You Can’t Raise, Don’t Call At No Time in Sbobet Indonesia

I get this a lot. Some guy I knew centuries ago sees me playing forty-eighty hold’em and says to me, “what are you doing here?” I sigh.

Stuff like this has gone on most of my life. When you’re a hustler, you end up losing most of the time for the big win at the end. You play the fool. You can never show how good you are. There’s no applause here. You do your job and end up counting money in some hotel room, splitting it with your backers if you have any. Then, you wait for the girls, or the drugs, or the liquor to kick in. Most of the time I would watch TV thinking about all the mistakes I had made. There were always mistakes.

There were dreams too. Hustlers have their personal very unconventional nirvana. Mostly they want to make enough to never have to do it again. Mostly they hate the game they played. Like me. I hated that fact that I could never shine. Never show my stuff.

Heres how it goes. You play bad. Lesson number one. Your backer, who is a former hustler or money guy who likes action shows you. He picks up a few dollars and says this is what you get if you always play good; then he takes out the c-notes wrapped in a rubber band and says this is what you get if you play bad right up until the end. Okay chief. You get the message.

The hustlers are the little wizards of the world. They have the gift. They do something in one particular thing better that almost anyone else and the money rolls in. Still it is never enough. It is too easy. That is the trap.

Of course, the little wizards almost always fail in the end. Their window of opportunity is narrow and short. They never see until its way too late. It’s a peculiar sadness I’ve witnessed many times. The little wizards are in their own universe and this universe is alien and foreign to them and equally scared of …

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Europe’s most popular game, roulette, ligaz888 must be played precisely to have a chance to win

Outside Bets

These wagers are placed “outside” the 38 numbers of the layout, and refer to specific sections or colors. The letters on the accompanying illustration correspond with the following bets:

Even Money Bets

There are three even money bets. Chips are placed at the indicated locations and are one a one-to-one basis:

Two-to-One Bets

Two bets on the roulette layout result in a payoff of two-to-one.

Inside Bets

The following bets are made either on the specific numbers or on the border of the numbers section of the layout. Payouts vary according to the amount of numbers bet.

  1. F) The Line Bet (Sixain): The player is betting that one of six numbers will come up.Bets are placed on the intersection of the two lines of three numbers. On the illustration, the bet will win if the numbers 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, or 36 are hit. The paypays five-to-one.


  1. G) The Five-Number Bet: There is only one five-number bet on the layout: 0, 00, 1 2, and 3. The payoff is six-to-one. It is the worst bet on the table, with a house edge 50 percent higher than any other bet. This bet does not exist on the European game since there is no “00.”


  1. H) The Corner Bet (Carre): Players are betting that one of four numbers will come up. Bets are placed at the intersection of the four numbers. On the illustration, a  winning bet would bet paid for the numbers 23, 24, 26, or 27.


  1. I) The Street Bet (Transversale): ligaz888 Players are wagering that one of three numbers will come up. Bets can be made at several different places: at the end of the line (19,  20 or 21 on the illustration), and three bets involving 0 and 00. The illustration showsthe bet for 0, 00 and 1. A winning bet pays 11-to-one.


  1. J) The Split Bet (A Cheval): Players are betting that one of two numbers come up. Bets are placed to overlap the two numbers (16 and 19 on the illustration). Payoff is 17-to-one. The 0 an 00 bet

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Can You Mix Football With Basketball and Survive UFA?

The football season, NFL and college, has just about wound down and, in the midst of spirals filling the air, along comes basketball, NBA and college versions. You begin to hyperventilate and you wonder whether you can survive the world of hoops while still agonizing over the one on the turf that covers 100 yards.

Can you really juggle a couple of sports at the same time? Why not? At this stage of the game there is little to determine in football concerning the capabilities of various teams and who you see as the odds on winner for a given game. Besides, football is easier to follow. You should have analyzed the parity ridden NFL early on and sorted out the better teams from the lesser ones. A few upsets aside it had to be a simpler matter than ever before, analyzing whether one team would beat the other by the Las Vegas driven point spread. Sure, any team could have beaten any other team on any given Sunday but there were assuredly teams that never should have lost—and did not—absent a complete breakdown of their offense and defense.

That, by the way, took place when Denver traveled to Baltimore for a Monday night game and decided to leave their game plan back in Mile High instead of bringing it with them. They simply did not show up and left the Ravens believing that they were, once again, a Super Bowl contender. Can it happen? Of course! The Broncos were an embarrassment that night. But it was an aberration; you live with it and then prepare for the next weekend.

UFA takes the same studied effort and analysis we have always suggested as necessary for football. With football solidly in place that will not be difficult. You can mix the two sports at this incredibly busy time of the year. There is, however, a particular difference when it comes to the world of hoops.

You should have selected certain leagues in college football and become thoroughly familiar with them, to the point of being able to replace the entire scouting …

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poker pkv games online

Short-Stack Play

Playing a short stack properly is a lost art. Rarely do you see someone write about short-stack strategy; I know that I don’t write about many hands in this column involving small pots. However, while I was playing in a $3,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em event at the Jack Binion World Poker Open , I decided to write a column on the sequence of hands that I played, and equally important, the hands that I didn’t play.


With the blinds at $25-$50, I found myself in the big blind with the Adiamonds 5diamonds. John Esposito — who is playing some very first-rate poker these days — made it $200 to go from two positions away from the button. Don Atkins called from the small blind.


What should I do? Should I move all in for my last $225 or fold? Why should I invest my last $225 in a situation in which I was guaranteed that both of my opponents would call and then check it down (check until the end in order to try to eliminate me), unless one of them hit the flop in a big way? On the other hand, if I did win the pot, I would have $675. If the small blind hadn’t called, I would have had to go with this hand, but when he called, I immediately had a bad feeling.


Although Esposito could have had anything in this spot (especially since he had a ton of chips), I believed at the very least that Don had me in bad shape; he just seemed strong to me. So, I folded. It turns out that John had A-7 and Don had 10-10. The rest of the story is that Don won a nice pot when the final board was K-10-4-7-A.


On the very next hand, in the small blind, I had 10-5. One person called, and I matched the big blind by calling $25 more. With a flop of A-K-2, we all checked. Then, a king hit, and it was followed by another round of checks. Finally, a 7 hit the …

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Judi Online

Here we go again with Judi Online

The 2022 World Cup date has now swung decisively towards November-December of 2021 or ’22 after organising committee chairman Hassan Al-Thawadi admitted winter was the better option.


FIFA has poo-pooed the European Club Association’s preference for April-May 2022 on the grounds of the still difficult heat and the holy month of Ramadan starting on the 2nd of April that year.


With the IOC adamant FIFA will not tread on its Winter Olympic toes in January-February ’22, that leaves the November-December slot the only viable option.


Whether it is in 2021 or 2022, the staging will eat into European club and country schedules and a battle still looms.


The easiest option of course would be to strip Qatar of hosting rights on health and safety grounds. Summer temperatures in the USA are not ideal either if played like in 1994 at times to suit European television audiences, although evening kick-offs are possible.


Australia would be the ideal choice as June-July is their rather mild winter, but if winter it must be, runners-up the US & Australia surely have a case in taking FIFA to court for breach of contract. The bidding document explicitly stated the tournament must take place in June and July of 2022.


Neither federation has expressed any Judi Online interest in rocking the boat. US Soccer’s Sunil Gulati is now on the Executive Committee and Australia’s Moya Dodd, vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation, a co-opted member.


What does seem certain however is that the much-vaunted boast of climate-cooled stadia employing dazzling new technology has bitten the dust.


The English Premiership moves in to a busy schedule of Christmas and New Year fixtures with the matches coming thick and fast from now on in over the holiday period.


Most pundits have written off the season as a two-horse race between Mourinho’s revived Chelsea and last year’s winners Manchester City, with third place Manchester United too inconsistent and too fragile at the back to mount a real challenge and Arsenal and Liverpool battling with surprise packages Southampton and West Ham …

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