2014 BET Awards Fashion: Best & Worst Dressed

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Stars graced the Nokia Theatre with their presence on Sunday for the 2014 BET Awards. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Agency UK

Among the notable attendees were new mama Kerry Washington and self-proclaimed muse of God, Lil Mama.

And Paris Hilton was there because she’s apparently a professional red carpet walker. (Oh, right. DJ Paris Hilton…silly me for forgetting…)

Red carpet fashions ranged from glam to “what were they thinking?,” with a Kendall Jenner-esque dress or two in the mix.

Miley Cyrus Adopts New Dog: Meet Emu!

Miley Cyrus has welcomed a new member of her family.

The singer, who spent a long time mourning her dog Floyd after he was killed by a coyote earlier this year, posted a photo online over the weekend of herself and a puppy named Emu.

Looks like he fits right in, doesn’t it?

“time to start making Emu accounts smilers,” Miley captioned this Instagram photo. “Hes here and here to stay. I welcomed Emu Coyne Cyrus into the family a couple days ago. Been keepin him a secret cause sometimes I’m weird like that.”

Cyrus – who was given a dog by her mom shortly after Floyd died, only to give him back because she wasn’t ready for a new pet – then referenced her late furry friend:

“It’s taken some time to be ready for this next step and loving again. There will never be anyone like Floyd. There was a bond that was so deep it’s irreplaceable but that’s not what I am trying to do.”

On more than one occasion during her Bangerz tour, Miley has sang to a statue of Floyd on stage. She also broke down on a couple of occasions in front of fans.

We know no one can ever replace her previous pet, but Emu looks like a keeper.

Here’s a look at several other celebrities who really love their pets:

Meshach Taylor Dies; Veteran TV Star was 67

Meshach Taylor, an actor best known for his role on the long-running 1980s comedy Designing Women, died yesterday after a battle with cancer.

He was 67 years old.

According to Taylor’s loved ones, the star passed away inside his California home while surrounded by loved ones.

He had grown gravely ill in recent days, with his family writing on Facebook on June 27:

“It is with love and gratitude that we sorrowfully announce that our darling, amazingly brilliant and dynamic, Meshach, the incredible father, husband, son and friend has begun his grand transition.”

The Emmy-nominated actor also played a key role in the 1987 movie Mannequin and enjoy a slew of appearances on hit television shows.

His small screen resume includes stop by Hannah Montana, The Drew Carey Show and Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

We send our thoughts and condolences to Taylor’s loved ones.


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