Wrestler먹튀사이트 Bomber Roach Dies.

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Sad news to report is Actor and Old Time UK Wrestler먹튀사이트 Bomber died today after a long battle against cancer.
Family spokewoman Shirley Thompson said Pat died while at home surrounded by his family.
Gamblog comment :: The Bomber Pat Roach was a gentle giant who I thought carried off his part in Auf Weidersehen Pet very well.
I remember The Bomber on television as a child, watching the wrestling on Grandstand on saturdays in between my dad and his horseracing getting in the way. Fond memories.
Bye Bye Bomber. I think you had a good one big man.
5 year partnership for mobile tech firm Phantom (Brian Cullingworth)
It seems that barely a week goes by these days without mobile technology firm Phantom Fiber appearing in the news on a fresh deal, and this week it was a five year partnership with Digital Gaming Solutions a provider of integrated gaming products.
The two companies have signed a five-year license agreement in terms of which Phantom Fiber will develop an advanced mobile wagering platform based on DGS software and marketed by DGS to sportsbook and casino properties.
UK Gambling Blog writes ::
Trevor MacDonald’s Tonight show will be discussing Women Gamblers And Gambling Addiction at 8pm tonight (fri 16 july)(yesterday – jon, gam blog)
As the government brings in changes to the gaming act and the internet has shown a growing interest for female gamblers, ITV takes this opportunity to highlight gambling addiction to roulette and slots.
Gamblog Comment :: I can’t comment on the programme because it ain’t been on yet. However, there are 2 more like this coming – 1 about gambling addiction in youths (C4) and the BBC are doing a programme about the online poker boom and the problems that has created amongst problem gamblers – especially women apparently.
I look forward to watching them all becauase the UK want to regulate and the Americans don’t. These programmes will be have polotical interest. Just waiting to see how it all pans out.
Teletext on 4 partners with DITG (Brian Cullingworth)
Interactive TV gambling in the UK added further diversity to its offerings this week with the announcement that Information and entertainment service Teletext has launched a games service on Teletext on 4 in partnership with the Digital Interactive Television Group.
The new service is available to subscribers of the popular Sky television service and is accessible via the text button through Channel 4. Content is offered as multi-screen, video-based and console-style games and includes fruit-machine style games and virtual horse racing, provided by DITG’s gaming division.
Users can play for free or place a bet and gamble through a range of financial instruments. Participants will be encouraged to register and play via cross-promotion from Teletext’s other platforms, including half-page as on analogue TV, digital terrestrial television and banner ads on Teletext.


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