Mangas Close €125m Expekt Togel Singapore

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Togel Singapore (MCG), which is the majority owner of Betclick has announced that they have now acquired Expekt’s sports betting and gaming operations. After a long series of discussions and negotiations it is believed that eventually agreed to sell for between €110m and €125m.
Expekt is a Malta based operation that has caught the eye by many in the online gambling industry. They provide sports betting services for over 20 countries across Europe. Their presence has been especially felt in Eastern Europe. They have established themselves as a well known brand that clients can safely place bets at. Many pundits feel that Expekt will form a fitting relationship with Betclick. Betclick is also a Malta based operation but is mainly concentrated on the French market.
In 1999 Christian Haupt and Conny Cesar founded what we now know as Expekt. These two also own casino and poker software operation Tain but it is understood that this company was not involved in the deal. It is also believed that their retail stores in Germany and Austria are not part of the deal either.
Mangas Captial Gaming will be buying the Expekt sportsbook backend as well as their marketing functions and customer base. It is expected that the current management team at Expekt, including their CEO Per Widerstrom will be retained. It is unclear at the present time as to whether there will be any redundancies among the rest of the staff currently working at Expekt.
MCG bought 75% of last May for an undisclosed fee. They are also rumoured to be in talks with Nordicbet in regards to a possible acquisition of their operation. In times of economic uncertainty it seems as though the team at MCG are going from strength to strength. This also means that other, struggling operations may see this as a perfect time to sell.
MCG is an offshoot of Mangas Captial Entertainment for Togel Singaporewhich was founded by Stephane Courbit who is the former head of Edemol France. We understand that MCG is partially bankrolled by the owners of the Monte Carlo Casino. The Societe des Bains de Mer (SBM) bought around about 50% of MCG last December for a deal thought to be worth about €100m. Sources close to SBM have revealed that they have known for quite a while that SBM have been looking for an avenue to get into the online gambling market. If recent success is any indicator, they look like they have made an intelligent decision.
An industry source has revealed that this latest Expekt deal made by MCG will not be the last. It is believed that they have more than €100m left in their investment pool for further acquisitions. The exact words the source used were “They are looking at other deals. The investment fund is well north of €100m. They have plenty more in the tank.” It looks like exciting times over at MCG at the moment as they look to extend their presence all across Europe and increase their market share. Only time will tell if they can capitalise on their large amount of investment funds to acquire more online gambling operations.


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