Bingo gets a face-lift on 에볼루션카지노

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Opera 에볼루션카지“moved into the next generation”, with the opening of the Opera Bingo Club’s new premises in Workington, Cumberland, in the North of England, claim the operators

Over 800 fans queued for three hours to make sure they were the first into the new hall.

The opening ceremony was performed by Michael Graves, managing director of Graves (Cumberland) Limited, which owns the Opera. Staff danced in the aisles to mark the occasion.

Deep pile carpets cover the floor. Hot meals are served and patrons can relax in comfortable seats with a drink from the bar as they look at the latest in 48” plasma television screens.

The new Opera Bingo Club is just behind the club’s old site – and it’s “absolutely beautiful”, says regular Edith Heron who has been playing three times a week since the original hall opened in 1960.

“They’ve done us proud,” says Edith, 84, who has been a widow since husband Bill died 15 years ago. She “doesn’t know what I would do without my Bingo sessions.”

“It gets you out when you’re on your own. Anyone who’s lonely should just go and play Bingo – I’ve made lots of good friends. Four of us share a taxi back – and whoever has won pays the fare.”

Mrs Heron says she has always been lucky at the Opera House – she has won several prizes in the hundreds of pounds.

“I just shout ‘house’ – and everybody says ‘oh no, it’s her again!” she says with a chuckle. “I have been doing up my house with the money I have won. I want my paths sorted out, so the next win I have will pay for that!”

The new building, owned and operated by Graves (Cumberland) Ltd, has created 20 jobs. It has full access for disabled people and a loop system for the hard of hearing. Las Vegas-style fruit machines flash and twinkle round the walls and the emphasis is on comfort.

55 per cent of the seats are non-smoking, and an ultra-modern ventilation system ensures that any smoke there is efficiently filtered out.

Marketing manager Charlotte Bell, casino en ligne francais says bingo is becoming more fashionable and is attracting more young people.

“We attract people of all ages and from all walks of life,’ she says. “They can come with their friends or on their own – people will feel comfortable coming here.”

Of course, the main attraction of Bingo is the opportunity to win big cash prizes. The Opera offers the chance to win between £50,000-£100,000 and up to £200,000 on Sundays

There’s also the chance to win luxury holidays.

The games themselves will be played with the latest in technology – the numbers are displayed on large plasma screens and the callers have the latest thing in card-checking.


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