DOJ Claims Full Tilt Was Ponzi Scheme: Lederer, Ferguson, Bitar Face Charges

Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, on Tuesday, called Full Tilt Poker “a massive Ponzi scheme against its own players.” The Department of Justice is now amending the legal papers of Black Friday to include new charges specifically targeting Full Tilt Poker and its owners.
This amendment charges three new defendants with money laundering: Full Tilt Poker board members, Howard Lederer, Jesus Ferguson, Rafael Furst, along with the previously charged, CEO Ray Bitar. It’s unclear if jail time could be in their future, but if convicted of money laundering, these four owners of Full Tilt, and possibly others, will be forced to personally pay out penalties ranging from $12M to $42M.
In this new amendment, the Department of Justice claims “Full Tilt Poker used player funds, among other things, to maintain a steady flow of payment to its owners, totally more than $443 Million over the last four years, despite the fact that Full Tilt Poker did not have sufficient funds to repay its players.”
According to the DOJ, by March 31 Full Tilt Poker owed $390 million to poker players around the world, including $150 million to Full Tilt players in the United States, but only had $60 Million in their bank accounts. According to these charges, crypto gambling not only were player funds not safe, but over 85% of player funds were spent on operating expenses or paid out to the owners in the form of exorbitant monthly paychecks. If these allegations are true, then Full Tilt has nowhere near enough to pay out its players who deposited money online and have been unable to make withdrawals since April 2011.
US attorney Preet Bharara came down hard on Full Tilt Poker Tuesday. Bharara said, “Full Tilt insiders lined their own pockets with funds picked from the pockets of their most loyal customers while blithely lying to both players and the public alike about the safety and security of the money deposited.”
The Department of Justice also claims that Full Tilt repeatedly misrepresented themselves to customers, and that their claims of keeping money safe were blatant lies. As as an …

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Aussie Millions Preliminary Events Continue

The jewel in the Australian poker crown, the Aussie Millions, continues to roll down under. The end of the week saw the build up to the exciting $100k Challenge and the start of the main event, there were plenty of other lucrative preliminary events to be played and won. All of these were hotly contested, with thousands of dollars and a 2010 Aussie Millions togel  Poker Championship ring up for grabs. Last week also saw the emergence on the live scene of a young Australian pro who is looking good for a bumper 2010.

Event #5 was a $1,650 AUD No Limit Hold ‘em tournament with bounties, one of a few tournaments at the 2010 Aussie Million Poker Championship to feature a very strange structure. Bounty or knockout tournaments are not uncommon, usually featuring a few famous players with money in their heads or a portion of the buy-in sliced off and placed as a bounty on every single player. In Event #5, things were done a little differently. There was one randomly assigned bounty per table with $1000 AUD available to anyone who could eliminate him or her. In addition, although the tournament begun as a standard MTT freezeout, once there are 32 players remaining it switched to a shootout format.

The player who managed to most successfully negotiate all the madness was Australian Jonathan Karamalikis. The player known as xMONSTERxDONGx online is one of the country’s finest young talents, who appears to be making something of a name for himself at this year’s Aussie Millions. To clinch the title, he played heads up against Steve Friedlander. In the final hand of a brief one-on-one contest, the flop fell 5-J-7 and Karamalikis check raised his opponent to 175,000. Steve Friedlander wasted no time pushing all in, but was aghast to see his opponent call and flip over J-9 for top pair, dominating his own 9-7 middle pair. The final two cards missed both players and confirmed Jonathan “The Dong” Katamalikis as the $80,025 AUD Event #5 winner.

Event #6 marked the first appearance of the hallowed H.O.R.S.E. format, generally …

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togel hongkong hari ini Strategy: Hard 17-21

At long last, we are at the conclusion of my step-by-step strategy guide for hard hands. The right decisions to make in these situations is contingent on the odds. Certain cards are more likely to be dealt than others and you also have to play the percentages for what card the dealer has in the hole and what cards he will be dealt. To make things easier, math wizards who are a lot smarter than you or me have come up with the answers a long time ago. It’s called togel hongkong hari ini basic strategy and a chart of it can be found here. Memorizing that strategy will go a long way toward lowering the house edge and will cause you to win a lot more money (or lose less). Here is what to do when you have a hard 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21.


The strategy for these hands is simple. Stand. Always. No matter what the dealer has. Got it? Good.


First, let’s look at the obvious. A hard 17-21 is a good hand. There are only a few hands that can beat you. However, because your hand is so high, if you were to hit you would have a good chance at busting. Take a hard 17 for instance. There are only four cards that can help your hand if you hit: an ace, a two, a three or a four. If you receive any other card when hitting, you will bust and lose the hand. Not only that, but the card you are statistically the most likely to be dealt (a 10) is one of the cards that would bust you.


For that reason, it is best to stand on a hard 17. In doing so, you’re basically hoping that the dealer will bust. That is because a dealer will draw to a 17, so they will never stand on any hand lower than yours. If you have a hard 17, you need the dealer to bust (or you can have a push if you both have 17). Your odds are …

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Review of Beyond Counting

There are several well known ways a player can gamble in a casino with a positive expectation. Certainly, Blackjack card counting, skilled Poker play, some full pay Video Poker, and sports betting are the most familiar. Others may know about more esoteric methods like Blackjack shuffle tracking, Roulette wheel clocking, and advantageous slot play. There are even those who go further, looking for house mistakes in calculating payoffs in games like Keno or Sic Bo. In Beyond Counting, James Grosjean pursues this topic further than anyone I have yet encountered, looking for edges in such strongly negative expectation games as the Big Six Wheel and Three Card Poker, as well as classical games like Blackjack and Craps.

After various introductions to the author and the book, we told about the strange hierarchy of casino advantage players. Grosjean tells us how the Blackjack basic strategy player won’t understand what a card counter is doing, how a card counter won’t see how a shuffle tracker is playing an advantage, and a shuffle tracker won’t understand many of the actions of a hole card player. We come to understand the casino as a series of layers of potentially strange behavior. Who is doing what, and why?

Grosjean then performs some interesting mathematical analysis surrounding card counting. Some of his exercises aren’t likely to be directly useful to the advantage player, but many of them are. His information will be at least somewhat useful to the non-mathematical readers, but those that are not math-adverse will get much more from Beyond Counting than those who are. The math is well explained, so that these examples, even when they are used to calculate something that may not be important, are good patterns for the reader to follow when they want to perform their own calculations.

Grosjean analyzes the math of partner play, discusses casino dealers, cheaters, and spotters. Some of this has been written on before, but much was new to me, at least. Grosjean goes into depth on some of these topics in a way that I believe is new to the literature. Some of …

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Diamond Painting

How To Frame a Diamond Painting Kit and Diamond Art

If you are the type who likes to plan everything out before committing to a project, you may be a bit hesitant about diamond painting. Sure, it seems fun, and the final products always look absolutely gorgeous. But most of the information currently out there about diamond painting just describe the process of actually fixing the diamond to the canvas, not about any subsequent steps. How do you go from a beautiful finished diamond painting to a beautiful finished diamond painting that you can also hang on your wall? Read on to learn about how to most effectively frame diamond paintings to show off your expertise and their sparkle. Once you know you can display the finished product perfectly, there will not be anything to stop you from getting started on this fun, relaxing, rewarding new hobby.

Make Sure Your Diamonds are Bonded Properly

You may be surprised to learn that there are actually several steps you need to take before you even bust out the tools to frame your diamond painting. Too often, new diamond painting artists will be too excited about the completion of their painting and immediately rush to frame it after they have stuck the final gem to the canvas. But that kind of rapid turnaround between finishing your painting and putting it up on the wall can cause the sparkle your painting has to literally dim – hasty framing can result in gems falling off the canvas and leaving gaping holes in your masterpiece. Here is how to prevent that from happening.

First, you are going to want to roll your painting. Not roll it up – literally roll it, as in with an actual rolling pin. To protect your newly affixed gems, you should cover your sparkly canvas with the plastic sheet it came with in your diamond painting kit. If you happened to throw that sheet away, no worries. A piece of parchment paper or regular old printer paper will work just as well. The one type of paper you will want to avoid is wax paper, as that can get stuck …

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Translation Company UK

Services and prices at Translation Company UK

Our team of ten translators and assistants provides technical translation, proofreading, and post-editing from English to French for the automotive industry and rewriting services for use in machine translation.

1 Translation

1.1 Languages

1.1.1 English from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and international

Into French from Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa and international

1.1.2 Translators from other teams can do other language pairs.

1.2 Subjects

1.2.1 Technical translation

We translate diagnostic and repair manuals, technical and sales courses, technical bulletins, components catalogs, specifications sheets, presentations, sales promotions, contracts and so on.

1.2.2 Automobile

Passenger cars (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc), motorcycles (Harley Davidson, Yamaha, etc), trucks (Volvo, Daf, etc), and utility vehicles, buses, agricultural vehicles (Caterpillar, CNH, etc), construction and industrial vehicles, special vehicles, and so on.

1.2.3 Other subjects

We have gradually widened our range of services and now work in general industry (General Electric, etc), telecommunications (Huawei), and medical imaging equipment. Some of us know professional photography and tourism, whereas other members of our team know social sciences, publishing, golf, and plain English for machine translation, and so on.

1.3 Methodology

1.3.1 One company, many freelancers

Each member of our team is independent and works full-time, mainly for, inc in general. Each senior translator is responsible for his or her own work and generally delivers translations directly to Translation Company UK clients. However one of us always works as an intermediary, replies to emails, distributes work, keeps track of deadlines and other client demands. Monthly billing has been centralized.

1.3.2 Dictation of translations

Some translators dictate their translations using a digital file. Transcription, copy-editing, and number-checking are handled by a team of university students who live in developing countries. This technique enables translators to translate up to 12,000 words per day.

Other translators use speech recognition software (Dragon).

1.3.3 Software

We all use PCs and use Windows, Office, and Trados, SDLX and Studio software. Our IT person can resolve any issues about converting files and can do other IT-related duties.

1.4 Clientele

We work exclusively for translation companies and publishing companies who pay …

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Unique Casino

Why Do People Fail at Going Pro?

Recently, there was a simple, yet interesting question posed on RGP… Why do people fail at going pro?


Several people jumped into the conversation. According to the posts, the concensus answer seemed to be “they just aren’t good enough”.


It has been said that less than 10% of all poker players are winning over the long haul. In most cases, the reason is because the player is simply not good enough to win, but there are other factors involved as well. Let’s take a look at some.




The life of a poker “pro” requires a lot of dicipline. Gone are the days of sick leave and paid vacations. Also gone are medical and retirement plans. You must deal with all of these things yourself. Although this one may be hard to believe, but the absence of a “boss” is also difficult to overcome for many people. Some are so used to having a boss lean on them that they are lost without the “pressure”… lacking self-motivation. And let’s not forget about the free alcohol that is available in most card rooms. This can be a big problem for some!


The Swings


Most wannabe pros think that they are ready to go once they have put together a sufficiant bankroll – this is not the case at all! Sure, a bankroll is important, but let’s not forget abou rent, food, clothing, and other bills. Many successful poker players say that you shouldn’t even try to start playing for a living until you have at least six months of living expenses saved up. This way, if after three months or so you see yourself failing at your venture, you still have three months to figure out what you are going to do with your life… i.e. get a job!




The concensus says that you shouldn’t even Unique Casino think about playing full time unless you have at 200 times the big bet as a bankroll. For example, if you are planning to play 10-20 limits, you should have a starting bankroll of …

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Pengeluaran HK

UK 1, Sisa Dunia 0 untuk Togel Hongkong

Tidak, ini bukan skor sepak bola/sepak bola. Inggris Raya, atau gabungan Inggris, Skotlandia, Wales, dan Irlandia Utara, telah menghapus pajak taruhan yang dibebankan pada semua taruhan sebagai bujukan kepada bandar taruhan online seperti William Hill dan Ladbrokes untuk membawa operasi online mereka kembali ke wilayah asal mereka.

Langkah ini adalah salvo pertama dalam pertempuran untuk meyakinkan negara-negara Dunia Pertama untuk mengatur perjudian online. Sampai sekarang, hampir semua operasi game online berlokasi terutama di Karibia di negara-negara yang lebih kecil.

Australia adalah kandidat utama untuk menjadi negara besar pertama yang mengatur game online, sampai mengalami kemunduran besar ketika moratorium diperkenalkan pada penerbitan lisensi game online, menempatkan hampir semua operasi online yang berbasis di Australia keluar dari bisnis kecuali Lasseter’s , yang telah dibuka sebelum tanggal berlakunya moratorium retroaktif.

Apa artinya ini bagi penjudi online?

Jika Anda seorang petaruh olahraga, Anda akan melihat langkah besar menuju Inggris karena operasi lepas pantai saat ini berjuang untuk lisensi online. Operasi yang lebih besar seperti William Hill dan Ladbrokes, yang sudah memiliki lisensi game di Pengeluaran HK Inggris, dapat segera mulai beroperasi. Jika mereka belum memiliki operasi besar, mereka pasti akan melakukannya sekarang karena petaruh memiliki kepercayaan diri untuk memasang taruhan dengan operasi yang sudah mapan ini.

Jika Anda seorang penjudi kasino, Anda masih kurang beruntung, karena peraturan Inggris yang baru masih menganggap kasino online ilegal – tetapi Anda dapat bertaruh dolar terendah Anda bahwa ini akan segera berubah – jika Inggris tidak segera bergerak , beberapa negara besar lainnya akan.

Nevada sudah mempertimbangkan undang-undang negara bagian untuk mengizinkan operasi Internet di sana – dan tanda-tanda awal menunjukkan bahwa legislatif di sana akan mendukung  langkah ini. New Jersey juga mempertimbangkan undang-undang semacam itu tetapi telah tersandung pada rintangan pertama karena tidak jelas bagaimana mereka akan memantau operasi semacam itu – meskipun rencana aslinya jauh lebih rinci daripada undang-undang yang diusulkan di Nevada.

Antigua, saat ini lokasi utama untuk operasi perjudian lepas pantai, juga tidak tinggal diam – kata adalah bahwa mereka telah menyusun rencana baru yang signifikan untuk regulasi industri yang tepat, dengan bantuan Frank Catania, mantan anggota Komisi Permainan New Jersey.

Awal tahun ini, …

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Crypto Gambling

As Price Reaches Record Highs, is Bitcoin in a Capacity Crisis for Crypto Gambling ?

Bitcoin Crisis

Imagine you are slightly late for work, quickly getting a shower, brushing your teeth and all the rest, walking – in an almost running manner – to the tube station, to then find out there are 200,000 people waiting outside to get the train.

Get exclusive analysis of bitcoin and learn from our trading tutorials. Join for just $39 now.

What’s more, the train only handles 4,000 individuals and arrives every ten minutes, during which period new individuals arrive at a rate of 4 per second. Now, it’s ok, you’re busy, you can still be one of those 4,000 individuals and get to work if you pay a high enough fee.

So you check out the notice which says the current estimated fee is $1, but since others are seeing the same notice too and paying $1 too, the fee keeps going up every second, with these higher fees paid by the new individuals that come every second, pushing you down the queue.

Tough luck, you can’t make it to work today because your $1 bid is now as good as worthless to the super congested network. The next day you learn the lesson, so instead of bidding what the notice says, you bid 10% or 20% more, but you weren’t the only one who missed work yesterday, almost everyone else did too and they have this genius but obvious idea too, making you miss work again.

The next day you get angry and pay double the fee in Crypto Gambling, but you’re not the only angry one. Now, sure, some in this lottery do get to make it to work, 4,000 every 10 minutes with 200,000 waiting, but a lot don’t, resulting in a bidding war which looks like below:

Bitcoin’s fees go vertical – source

As can be seen, bitcoin’s fees have gone vertical, which is bad, but if you know you’d get through for x dollars then at least you can evaluate the proposition. Instead, you’re not only paying high fees, but you don’t even know whether you will get the service …

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