cannabis spider mites

What are the most useful solutions to get rid of spider mites from cannabis plants?



As you all know about the rivalry of spider mites and cannabis plants, we can say the spider mites are the foremost enemies of cannabis plants. There is nothing to be shocked if you are a victim of this situation, and the spider mites are harming your cannabis plants because it is their nature, but you can do your work to get rid of them.


You can use some solutions to kill the cannabis spider mites effectively and nearly. As we all know, every obstacle comes with a solution; we only need to identify those solutions. So, if you are the one who wants the solutions to get rid of the spider mites, then read the upcoming paragraphs carefully because they will elaborate on the solutions to kill the spider mites in detail.


Solutions to get rid of spider mites


  • A spray can be your blessing


There are many sprays available in the market by which you can kill the spider mites; those sprays are specially made for this work and contain all the elements which are hated by the spider mites. There is a spray named Azamax, which is a scientifically proven brand of killing spider mites.


All you need to spray this solution minutes before the lights out; make sure that you are spaying this solution under the leaves and the top of the soil; along with that you need to make a windy environment while using this spray.


In short, you can use a fan, cooler, etc.; once you make a windy environment and spray this solution, you will see the results in few days by analyzing the proper growth of your plants. If you are getting a result from this spray and find that the spider mites are gone, mix this spray at regular intervals with water to clean the plants. This action will surely help you to get rid of the spider mites.


  • The bleach solution can also help you a lot


The next solution which you can use is bleach solution; you can mix one tablespoon of bleach in the gallon of water and mix it until it becomes a spray. Once it becomes a spray, then use it on the cannabis plants. Along with that, you need to spray this solution on every surface of the grow room so that the spider mites will never appear again.