toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-20-Results

Yesterday evening saw the conclusion of one of the most important events in this years WCOOP calendar. The $1000 + $15 No Limit Hold ‘em tournament, otherwise known as Event #20, holds the honor of having the biggest guaranteed prize pool outside of the main event. A fantastic $3,000,000 was added in advance of any buy-in money, meaning that the finest of the finest of the poker stars crop were out in force to compete for a prestigious WCOOP bracelet.
As you might expect, among this stellar field were a cavalcade of Team toto hk Pros. Barry Greenstein, in particular, showing laudable dedication to the cause – competing in the Event #20 despite having completed his 9th place run in the H.O.R.S.E tournament just that morning. Other pros who turned out to accompany him included: Chris Moneymaker, Dario Minieri, Bertrand “ElkY” Gosspellier, Greg Raymer, Humberto Brenes, Joe Hachem, John Duthie, and Vanessa Rousso.
These recognizable names contributed to a final tally of 3,467 players, meaning that the prize pool came in at a massive $3,467,000. All the players were given plenty of time to work their magic, with deep stacks starting at 15,000, relative to the blinds of only 25/50 in level one. The tournament was scheduled to run over two days.
Despite arriving in force there were only two Team PokerStars members left in the running once Day 1 had come to an end. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Humberto Brene were left to fly the flag for their fallen professional compatriots. ElkY’s progress in particular is commendable, given that in the previous event (#19), the $25,000 High-Roller Heads-Up No Limit Hold em’ tournament, he finished in second place.
His good form looked to be continuing after he doubled up early, A-A against Q-Q, and with half of the day 2 field eliminated both pros were still in the hunt. Although Brenes days looked to be numbered when his A-K rain into the K-K of the unpronounceably named VuaXi`Tô, a lone bullet on the flop saved him from elimination. Lady Luck, however, would not shine on Humberto another time. Again finding himself in the same situation, A-K against K-K, he was unable to track down another Ace. Taking the spoils was eventual final tabler Mary 717, who keen minds may remember was the victor in Event #7. It was left up to another future member of the final table to eliminate the last remaining Team PokerStars player. NYC P.I.M.P got himself in behind with A-J against ElkY’s A-Q, but a Jack on the board soon put him on top and eliminated ElkY in 16th.
By the time the remaining nine players were ready to commence the final table the tournament had been running for 15 hours. The players and their chip counts were:
Seat 1: Mary 717 11,817,844
Seat 2: Sumar07 1,223,614
Seat 3: JSchnett 2,093,726
Seat 4: henri72 3,150,664
Seat 5: CamoJr 6,325,276
Seat 6: VuaXi`Tô’ 1,096,544
Seat 7: QuasiFiction 17,614,385
Seat 8: C.K. 4,630,228
Seat 9: NYC P.I.M.P 4,068,719
Predictably it was the two shortest stacks who were the first to vacate the table. Estonian player Sumar08 was all-in on a race against the 9-9 of JSchnett with his A-Q. A blank board meaning that his tournament was over in 9th. Following shortly after was VuaXi`Tô’, who’s J-T suited all-in was called by CamoJr with an A-Q suited. A glimmer of hope arrived on the turn, with VuaXi`Tô’ having both flush and gutshot draws, but a lame duck on the river was not what he had been looking for.
After the shortest stacks had been dealt with the play became all the more cagey. Only NYC P.I.M.P was able to take advantage of the lull, securing a double up which left him with $6,600,000. His pocket eights streets ahead of the 3-3 that Mary 717 was holding.
The next elimination occurred when Mary 717 was all in preflop against henri72. The two were holding Q-7 and A-Q respectively and henri looked set for a double up until the board came 6-5-3-4-8 – making Mary an unlikely straight. As if to compensate for the quiet period that had just passed the 6th place elimination followed only five minutes after the 7th. JSchnett was all-in with his pocket Jacks preflop, but was helpless after he ran into the AA of C.K. The board blanked everyone and time was called on JSchnett’s run at the bracelet.
With only 5 remaining the idea of a deal was floated. A few players seemed skeptical at first, but before too long all the players were willing to enter discussions and the tournament was paused. Despite some last minute wrangling a deal was thrashed out, with $60,000 and the all important bracelet left to play for. The chop meant that, excluding the remaining $60K, the final table payouts were:
1. NYC P.I.M.P $197,953
2. QuasiFiction $340,000
3. CamoJr $230,388
4. C.K. $226,965
5. Mary 717 $288,155
6. JSchnett $107,477
7. henri72 $72,807
8. VuaXi`Tô’ $45,071
9. Sumar07 $31,203
Contrary to expectations, play following the deal was relatively sedate. However, once the players had finished counting their winnings it was back to business as usual. WCOOP bracelet holder Mary 717 got herself all in with A-Q and was thoroughly dominated by QuasiFiction’s A-A. The board was no help and the former champion bowed out in 5th place. The first post-deal knockout seemed to open the floodgates as C.K. was eliminated in the very next hand. Down to his last few chips, C.K. made his final stand with K-6 and had the misfortune of competing against NYC P.I.M.P’s 66. A board of blanks meant that NYC’s pocket pair was good enough to take the pot and end C.K.’s tournament. It wasn’t long before another player fell victim to an NYC pocket pair. CamoJr had his own 7-7, but he was looking up at the 10-10 of NYC. Another uneventful board put CamoJr out in 3rd.
That left just the heads up battle between NYC P.I.M.P and QuasiFiction to decide who would pocket the extra $60,000, as well as the coveted WCOOP bracelet. Under the terms of the deal, QuasiFiction was already guaranteed the biggest share of the prize money, and it was he who entered started the contest with a 2-1 chip lead over his opponent. It was not to last. The chip lead shifted back and forth over the course of a tumultuous few hands, but in the end it was NYC who emerged with the advantage.
With both players at full steam the heads up contest took only 16 minutes to reach a conclusion. On the final hand NYC P.I.M.P limped in on the button for 300,000 with QuasiFiction checking behind. The flop came Qd-9c-6h and, following a check from QuasiFiction, NYC led out for 550,000. His adversary called and the turn brought a 4c. QuasiFiction quickly led out for a 1,200,000 bet, but NYC trumped him by moving all-in over the top. It had been a long and difficult contest, and QuasiFiction had all but exhausted his time bank. Forced to make a quick decision he pushed his remaining chips in for the call and revealed his Ks-9h. To his dismay he found himself behind NYC’s Qh-2h. An unhelpful 4c on the river sealed the victory for NYC P.I.M.P and left QuasiFiction without the bracelet, but with the lions share of the cash.