Seidel Rips into 2011 to Make 1st on All Time Money List

For situs slot deposit pulsa pro Eric Seidel, 2011 will be a year to remember. Seidel is famous in the poker world for his competitive card skills, and just as famous outside poker for his appearance in the 1998 cult classic “Rounders.” Unlike the 1988 WSOP clip which played in “Rounders,” however, Seidel isn’t losing any tournaments.
Seidel just won the National Heads-Up Poker Championship (NHPC), pulling in a hefty $750,000. This win puts him in first place on poker’s All Time Money List, with a whopping $14,697,297 in earnings. Last year, Seidel finished second to Annie Duke. 2011, however, brought him into a heads-up situation with Chris Moneymaker, where Seidel was in command for the entire session.
At NHPC, the winner is decided by a best-of-three heads-up match, and Seidel wiped out Moneymaker quickly for the first game. In the second match, Moneymaker found himself short-stacked and bluffed all-in with no pair, only to find out that Seidel had made three of a kind. Two matches, two losses, and Moneymaker found himself the second place winner, reaping no small reward of $300,000.
After the match, Moneymaker commented, “I tried everything. I tried to check-raise, I tried to bluff him, I tried to trap him. He’s just a true champion.”
Seidel, ever the class act, commented on his NHPC win and first place on the All Time Money Place, simply saying, “I think it’s nice. I kind of expect it will be a temporary thing, but I’m happy to be there now.”
Seidel was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame at the end of 2010. Since his induction, he has run blazing hot, with over $4 million in winnings in 2011. When asked about his run of success, Seidel simply said, “I’m loving it right now.”
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