Translation Company UK

Services and prices at Translation Company UK

Our team of ten translators and assistants provides technical translation, proofreading, and post-editing from English to French for the automotive industry and rewriting services for use in machine translation.

1 Translation

1.1 Languages

1.1.1 English from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and international

Into French from Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa and international

1.1.2 Translators from other teams can do other language pairs.

1.2 Subjects

1.2.1 Technical translation

We translate diagnostic and repair manuals, technical and sales courses, technical bulletins, components catalogs, specifications sheets, presentations, sales promotions, contracts and so on.

1.2.2 Automobile

Passenger cars (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc), motorcycles (Harley Davidson, Yamaha, etc), trucks (Volvo, Daf, etc), and utility vehicles, buses, agricultural vehicles (Caterpillar, CNH, etc), construction and industrial vehicles, special vehicles, and so on.

1.2.3 Other subjects

We have gradually widened our range of services and now work in general industry (General Electric, etc), telecommunications (Huawei), and medical imaging equipment. Some of us know professional photography and tourism, whereas other members of our team know social sciences, publishing, golf, and plain English for machine translation, and so on.

1.3 Methodology

1.3.1 One company, many freelancers

Each member of our team is independent and works full-time, mainly for, inc in general. Each senior translator is responsible for his or her own work and generally delivers translations directly to Translation Company UK clients. However one of us always works as an intermediary, replies to emails, distributes work, keeps track of deadlines and other client demands. Monthly billing has been centralized.

1.3.2 Dictation of translations

Some translators dictate their translations using a digital file. Transcription, copy-editing, and number-checking are handled by a team of university students who live in developing countries. This technique enables translators to translate up to 12,000 words per day.

Other translators use speech recognition software (Dragon).

1.3.3 Software

We all use PCs and use Windows, Office, and Trados, SDLX and Studio software. Our IT person can resolve any issues about converting files and can do other IT-related duties.

1.4 Clientele

We work exclusively for translation companies and publishing companies who pay invoices within 30 days by bank transfer.

1.5 Rates

Our clients set their prices in euros or in US dollars and use the Trados price structure.

Our current rate is €0.09/source word with a discount to be considered for sentences that have been partially translated (often 50%). Repetitions within the document or repetitions that occur in later documents are free of charge.

For translations over 5,000 words, we may accept quotes as low as €0.075/word. However, for other translation assignments, we have a minimum charge of €25.

For one-time translations or monthly translations of over 100,000 words, we may accept quotes as low as €0.06/word and this includes sentences that are already partially translated. Repetitions are free of charge.

2. Proofreading by a second translator

The rate is €0.025/word.

3. Post-editing of machine translation

Some agencies offer pre-translated documents. The quality of these documents varies widely and we reserve the right to refuse to post-edit. Prices vary, depending on the quality and extra services, from €0.04 to €0.07/word.

4. Rewriting for machine translation

As we know that technical writers often ignore the specific demands of machine translation, we have developed a service in translating standard English into plain, simplified English: this English is not ambiguous (only one meaning per word) and consists of short sentences, and so on. This version in plain English is translated more effectively into other languages by machines and decreases the amount of necessary post-editing. Also, plain English can replace any missing language for readers who understand basic English. The rate for this translation into plain English is the same as the rate for other translations. Tests would be taken beforehand in order to measure gains in productivity; this type of job generally applies to very large annual volumes.

5. Daily assistance

At our company, like in agencies, one person is always on duty and available for the client and translators. This person replies to emails, distributes the work, keeps track of deadlines and does quality control, processes all requests – which could sometimes be one sentence to translate urgently, etc.

This assistance is sometimes unfeasible for individual freelancers who are not always at their computer. This assistance is provided to our clients at no extra price.