Diamond Painting

How To Frame a Diamond Painting Kit and Diamond Art

If you are the type who likes to plan everything out before committing to a project, you may be a bit hesitant about diamond painting. Sure, it seems fun, and the final products always look absolutely gorgeous. But most of the information currently out there about diamond painting just describe the process of actually fixing the diamond to the canvas, not about any subsequent steps. How do you go from a beautiful finished diamond painting to a beautiful finished diamond painting that you can also hang on your wall? Read on to learn about how to most effectively frame diamond paintings to show off your expertise and their sparkle. Once you know you can display the finished product perfectly, there will not be anything to stop you from getting started on this fun, relaxing, rewarding new hobby.

Make Sure Your Diamonds are Bonded Properly

You may be surprised to learn that there are actually several steps you need to take before you even bust out the tools to frame your diamond painting. Too often, new diamond painting artists will be too excited about the completion of their painting and immediately rush to frame it after they have stuck the final gem to the canvas. But that kind of rapid turnaround between finishing your painting and putting it up on the wall can cause the sparkle your painting has to literally dim – hasty framing can result in gems falling off the canvas and leaving gaping holes in your masterpiece. Here is how to prevent that from happening.

First, you are going to want to roll your painting. Not roll it up – literally roll it, as in with an actual rolling pin. To protect your newly affixed gems, you should cover your sparkly canvas with the plastic sheet it came with in your diamond painting kit. If you happened to throw that sheet away, no worries. A piece of parchment paper or regular old printer paper will work just as well. The one type of paper you will want to avoid is wax paper, as that can get stuck to the diamonds as a result of the pressure applied during the rolling process.

Once you have spread out the plastic sheet or some other form of covering to protect your canvas, take a rolling pin and thoroughly roll over every part of the canvas that contains gems. If you do not have a rolling pin, a can or a mason jar can also work, although you may need to apply more pressure and it will likely take longer. The rolling process will bond the diamonds immovably to the canvas and ensure they do not fall off during the framing process.

You may be thinking that rolling your Diamond Art canvas sounds like more than enough to ensure your diamonds are properly bonded to the canvas, but you can never be too careful when it comes to loose diamonds. Expert diamond painters will tell you that you also need to do the book trick. This involves finding several heavy books and stacking them on top of your painting canvas (which should still be covered with the plastic sheet or the paper!). You will then leave the stack of books on top of the canvas overnight. This duration of time should absolutely, positively guarantee that your diamonds are forever stuck to the canvas and they will not fall off and roll across the floor while you are attempting to hang your painting on the wall.